Friday, November 20, 2009

Roosty's Big Day

Today was a big day. I found out this week that I was one of the Grand Prize winners in the Purina Fanciest and Funniest Chicken photo contest. We had to take our rooster "Roosty" to our local feed store for a photo shoot. Our prize was a year's worth of chicken feed. We definitely need more chickens!!

You can see more pictures of Roosty here, I think the picture of him on the skateboard or the tricycle was the winning picture (they haven't really told me yet).

The first thing we had to do was to find and catch Roosty. He came into the house while everyone was getting ready. He's always wanted to be an inside chicken, so since today was his big day, we let him come in for a minute.

Off we go. Our version of a celebrity chicken limo.

He was not impressed.
He cluck, cluck, clu-awwwked all the way to the feed store.

Since the store is right near the road, we decided to take him out of his box inside the store in case he decided to "fly the coop".

It was all very exciting.
It was about all a 5 and 6yr old, a rooster and a mommy could take.

We got a good hold on Roosty and went outside with the store owner Connie.
After awhile, keeping the kids in the pictures was not possible. They had to take "5".
When we got home we did a few more pictures.
The tree behind us is where Roosty roosts every night.
Walker and Missy also got into the action in the background.
Finally Roosty was set free.
Free to roam and revel in his day of fame.

He's probably wondering what in the heck that was all about.

(A huge thanks to my mom and dad for helping and taking pictures today! When we got in the car they both said they can't believe some of the things we get to do.)

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