Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hidden Charms

I came up with an idea for a soap project since taking my soap class a few weekends ago. You may have seen the hidden treasure soaps where small toys are embedded in soap and the more a child washes their hands the faster they get to their prize. My idea was inspired by this concept. I decided to try out my idea on my Mom for her birthday. Here it is.

This is the outside.

This is the inside.

Inside of the box is a handmade charm bracelet with 3 starter charms and 3 handmade soaps. The open screen in the lid allows for the wonderful scents of the soaps to not be trapped inside.

I have never made jewelry before or taken any classes, so this was completely new to me. The jewelry aisles at the craft store can be very intimidating! I somehow managed to figure it out. I put lobster claw clasps on the charms so they could be moved around and rearranged.

Inside each soap is a hidden charm.

All charms are blinged up with some Swarovski Crystals so they are all sparkly.

The pictures do not do the soaps and charms justice.
It turns out it's hard to get a clear picture of the inside of soap. Imagine that.

There was a definite learning curve in making these soaps so the charms were visible. I had several failed attempts but by the end had figured it out.

This one is set a little too deep in the soap to be clear, but it is a really sparkly starfish.

I'm thinking about making some of these to give or sell for Christmas gifts (in my spare time, ha ha). I have many other sparkly charm themes I could use.

Again, if you are on my Christmas list, you did not see ANY of this!

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