Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Ho-down 2009

This weekend we had a Halloween Ho-down horse show at our farm. We had horse trailer trick or treating, a pumpkin carving contest, a horse/rider costume contest and a silent auction to benefit a fellow barrel racing family who is battling cancer. It was a lot of fun!

JW was an Indian brave and Casey was a princess. Jason made JW's costume after my failed attempts to find one in a store and after I told them my idea to make one out of a pillow case and felt. This was not acceptable. We had some spare leather and cowhide from when we made our cow chair that worked out perfectly. I am so glad I married into sewing skills.

He even made him some moccasins.

After the photo op, it was on to the horse trailer trick or treating.

My poor children had to settle for a Walmart and Michaels bag because my last minute attempt to find their halloween pumpkin buckets was unsuccessful. I vaguely remember back in June getting tired of looking at them in my pantry but have no idea where they wound up. I'm sure I will run into them in time for Easter.

This is a good shot of the back of JW's costume.

There were lots of trailers to visit.

Getting ready for the costume contest. Jason was my goto guy all day. I threw him the unicorn horn so he could figure out how to get it to stay on Lulu and he did! Lulu is such a trooper.

Lulu was a rare black unicorn, you don't see many of them. She looks thrilled.

Walker was an Indian pony, we put feathers in his mane and tail and painted him up for battle.

JW rode him bareback, Indian style. He won 2nd place in the Youth class.

Here I am dressed as Pacman, on my horse named Pacman.

This is Brooke and Missy as Ballerinas.

Little Bo Peep - the winner of the adult costume class.

2nd place, a dalmation and a fire hydrant.

I think you know who these two are.

Here are a few of the pumpkins in the carving contest. JW stuck with a dinosaur theme.

And finally the silent auction, we had a ton of nice stuff donated and raised a lot of money!

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