Monday, October 19, 2009

The Funniest Chicken

I was excited today to find out that some pictures that I snapped of our rooster "Roosty" won honorable mention in the Purina Mills fanciest and funniest chicken photo contest. I entered the funniest category. I took these pictures one afternoon back in the spring before and during a thunderstorm. When the storm kicked up we moved to the garage for lots of rooster fun. It was so long ago that I sent the pictures in that I have forgotten which ones I submitted.

Roosty was a stray rooster that wandered up to our farm last spring and decided to stay. He is the nicest rooster without a mean bone in his body (which is unusual for a rooster) He puts up with alot from the kids who love to tote him around the farm.

I took these pictures with some kind of funky color setting accidently set on my camera. But I think they turned out nice!

Let the fun begin. I love this shot with Nickel in the background thinking he'd like chicken for supper.

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