Monday, October 5, 2009

The English Countryside

I recently spent a week traveling across the UK on a business trip and was lucky enough to be able to go the "north" of England where I got to spend some time in the English countryside. I stayed in a nice old English farmhouse, complete with a herd of the cutest mini horses and other farm animals. I took a few pictures with my camera on my phone after my camera bit the dust on the train. So I apologize for the poor quality.

Here is the hotel, it is called The Jersey Farm Hotel.

The driveway into the hotel leads through here, past these beautiful flowers.

Here are some of the herd of horses. The brown and white baby was the cutest. He could hardly stand still for a picture.

I took this picture to primarily show you what my hair looks like while I am in the UK without my normal hair products and without my diffuser on my hair dryer. This little guy and I have a very similar style.

They had 3 llamas also. I took a picture of their big pile of nasty poop so I could remember why we will NEVER again get another llama at TripleCreek farm (long story that I will tell you one day). Count yourself lucky that I did not include that photo here.

Chess anyone?

This is in the entryway to the hotel. I thought it was cool. Don't look for too long, staring directly into the sun is not good for the eyes.

This was the bathroom area next to the restaurant. Love the coat hooks. A little western touch.

And here is my room.

I never would ever think about choosing dark grey and black wallpaper, but I really liked it. Not sure what it would do to my general mood long term though.

This picture is not too good, but the lamp matched the wallpaper.

The bathroom. It had this giant jacuzzi tub but a tiny shower. Do you know that there are no electrical plugs allowed in bathrooms in the UK? Another useless tip for the day. You're welcome.

The bathroom had tile that matched the wallpaper in the room. Loved it!

And finally, here is the view out the window where I was conducting my training class for work. The class was in a renovated old Manor House and these were the barns.

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