Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Redneck Chic -Extreme Porch Makeover

Over the winter our porch got a little, how should I say this, redneck chic. It was out of control to the point I couldn't even look at it. The dogs and kids had completely claimed it as their own. It was beyond time to do something about it.

So we completely cleared everything off.
We gave away or sold the all the furniture on Craigslist.

I found some awesome metal chairs on Craigslist that rock (literally). When we got there to get the chairs, the lady mentioned that they had a matching glider. I fainted. I've wanted a glider for so long, and to find one that matched these chairs, I was giddy with excitement! Of course we had to run to a cash machine, but I wasn't leaving without that glider!

These are the springs that make the chairs bounce. I found another 1950-1960's style glider on Craigslist too that needs to be restored. Jason says it needs to be sandblasted so who knows when it will be ready for the porch.

I found some pillows at a thrift store to add some color.

And I found this at a thrift store too. I thought it went well with the furniture.

Then we added our ferns, which I hopefully will be able to keep alive until the fall thanks to the automatic watering system my dad installed a few years ago. Last year I decided to buy hanging petunias for some color. Even with the watering system I think they lasted only a month or 2. Ferns are much easier and hardier.

The landscaping left much to be desired as well.

I'll cover that in my next post.

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