Monday, May 24, 2010

May Hole in the Wall

I thought I should post pics of my May hole in the wall before the month is completely over. I haven't had too much time to blog this month since it's strawberry season and I've already had numerous "Jam" sessions. I made strawberry jelly, strawberry jalapeno jelly (yum!), strawberry lime jelly and strawberry lime jam.

Which brings me to my hole in the wall theme for May: Strawberries!

Several members of my family and I hit the thrift stores looking for anything strawberry related. It was harder than I thought it would be to find strawberry items, but we managed to find a few. My mom had a few things I borrowed and I filled the rest of the space up with strawberry jam and jelly.

I got this coffee mug for my mom when I took a behind the scenes tour of Wimbledon. Did you know that Strawberries and Cream is the traditional food to eat during Wimbledon?

I got these dessert cups at a thrift store and filled them with red and green marbles. They are up high so only the colors show through. We also added some walnuts painted red.

June hole in the wall coming soon!

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