Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 and a half Dog Night

Our dogs have made cameo appearances in this blog but I think it's time they came front and center. Today we had a rare snow event which always brings out great photo ops.

The yellow dog is Nickel and the white dog is Dollar. Dollar showed up on our doorstep shortly after we moved to this farm. She was sitting on our porch holding her paw up. Jason took one look at her and said "This is going to cost us 500 dollars" So this is why we call her Dollar. It turned out to be just a cut on her paw and she was fine. She is 5 years old, some type of pointer/hunting dog. She loves her Nickel.

Nickel showed up about a year later. He wandered in from a home down the road that had way too many dogs. They said he was smart to leave and we could have him if we wanted him. He's a goofy dog and it took him awhile to control his goofiness. He used to treat the kids like bowling pins, he would just run up and wipe them out. He can control himself much better now. He loves to sit at your feet and lean on you. He is 4 years old, a lab/pit/great dane? mix. We stuck with the money theme when we named him. Jason jokes that he is worth about a nickel (but he loves him). Nickel loves his Dollar.

This is Penny, it was not hard to come up with a name for her. We adopted her about 2 years ago. She is probably about 3-4 years old and is probably a Wheaton Terrier mix. About 6 weeks after we got her, she surprised us with a litter of puppies. That was fun and was a great experience for the kids. She likes to sleep in this little nest that the kids made for her on the porch out of miscellaneous porch furniture.

Um, ah-hem. Can you see what doesn't belong in this picture? Don't tell Roosty but he is not actually a dog. Shhh. We just play along with his masquerade to pacify him. He actually has grand visions of being an inside dog, which I'm sorry to say is not going to happen. He does his part as a guard rooster though, when they bark, he crows. So at least he plays the part well.

We finally coaxed the dogs off the porch.
Penny is a snow dog. She was wild!

All that thick hair comes off every summer.
We shave her ourselves which is really, really fun (NOT).

And finally some good shots of Nickel. He's such a good dog.

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