Saturday, August 21, 2010

Master Bathroom Redesign Part 1

During my annual hibernation in August from the heat, I usually start looking around the house for projects. Our master bathroom is ready for a redesign and needs some structural help as well. So today we started what will be a long chain of events, we removed the sink and vanity.

I have an old dry sink that I picked up at a local thrift store probably almost a year ago The plan is to turn it into a vanity with a hand painted Mexican talavera basin sink that I've also had for awhile.

Unfortunately we need to replace the flooring because it is rotting underneath due to water escaping the shower/splashy kids, and the ceiling also needs to be replaced due to a leaking vent in our roof (it sounds like our house is falling apart but for some reason it has all happened in this one room of the house). I won't be sad to see the popcorn ceiling go though, I can't stand the popcorn!

My good friend Elizabeth volunteered to help (bless her heart) and as soon as JW heard a demo was going to happen he was onboard too. He was the perfect size for the job.

Here are all the tools we used based on what we could scavenge from Jason's shop/the kitchen: A crowbar, a steak knife, a screw driver and a crescent wrench (not pictured). We decided we need a tool box if we are going to continue with this type of work. I think I made about 12 trips back and forth from the house to the shop.

This was a close as I could get to "before" pictures.
We had already cleared out all the stuff and removed the drawers.

Next we had to disconnect the water lines.
We were worried, but we never got wet!

Then, we took down the mirror.

We worked and worked on getting the counter loose.

We got it out. These pictures don't accurately reflect the thinking/effort it took.

Next we removed the remaining structure, which required lots of unscrewing, prying, cutting. We went through several plans.

What got us baffled was that the holes in the vanity where the water lines/drain are were not large enough for us to pull it out of the wall over the water lines.

Then the guys came in and cheated with power tools.
We would have gotten it though.

How can so much dirt accumulate under something that is completely enclosed?

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Elizabeth for helping today.
She has some serious demo talent!
Stay tuned for more updates...hopefully coming soon!

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