Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our Easter Bunnies

On Palm Sunday, we were all in the barn cleaning stalls. As I was workin' my pitch fork through a stall, I turned over a pile of something that was furry and moving. I got the Sam out of there, as JW likes to say. I'm pretty sure there was screaming involved, but if asked I will deny it.

Jason came to my rescue and discovered it was a nest full of 4 bunnies (man eating ones I'm sure). They were probably about a week old, their eyes were still shut. How they survived that long sharing a stall with LuLu our pony, is just a miracle. They were buried pretty deep in the shavings in an area of the stall that we don't normally have to clean. We moved the nest to the next vacant stall over, and were careful not to touch them with our bare hands for fear mama bunny would reject them.

The following pictures were taken with my cell phone camera so please excuse the poor quality and tiny size. But you should clearly see why I was so frightened by these glow in the dark alien bunnies. I mean, really, who wouldn't be? They were glowing, for the love of Pete!

The next weekend, they were out hopping around, much to my dismay as I'm always on "snake alert" and aware of any unexpected movement in the barn. I about jumped out of my skin. The little guys got me again. Who knew baby bunnies could be so terrorizing?

They were still naive enough to let us pick them up, though one was smart enough to make an ear piercing shreaking noise, probably a rescue call to their UFO mother ship.

Since our barn is attached to Jason's shop, they now come right up to the door to check out the action in the shop. They are onto our game though and are smart enough to not let us pick them up anymore. And I'm onto their game too, they won't get me again, the menacing little devils from outerspace.

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