Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hen Party - Part 2

Once the chicken house was ready it was time to get some chickens. A friend of ours, Russell, who is actually J.W.'s cub scout leaders, has a pretty good group of chickens and invited us over to pick out a few.

First we had to meet the resident full size chickens.

This is a turkey who was protecting his hen who was setting some eggs.
He was not thrilled to have us nearby.

Now to pick out a few hens from a group of young hens who just got their feathers. They are quick panicky little things so it was a little chaotic trying to catch them. JW picked out a Silver Laced Wyandotte first. He picked it up and said "Can I have a rooster to match this one?" So they went over to the rooster pen and picked out a good matching set.

Casey took a little longer to decide and gave them all a good lookin over.
She finally decided on a Buff Orpington and a New Hampshire Red.
Both should grow up to be big chickens.
I tried not to think about what she was sitting in.

We packed them all up for the car ride home.

Before we left we got to watch Russell's dog round up all the chickens back to their pen.
She got every last one of them.

We also checked out the Silkie pen.
Jason has his eye on getting one of these as soon as Russell has one ready.

We now understand why people end up with so many chickens.
There are so many different kinds, you gotta have one of each.

I think we are in trouble.

Next post Part 3 "The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost"

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