Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm not gonna try it, YOU try it

My kids are picky eaters. We usually offer 2 choices for each meal at our house: Take it or Leave it. Most of the time they leave it.

At a Christmas party last weekend, they had steamed oysters on the half shell. I don't know if they sound exotic to them or what, but my kids are intrigued by food that comes in a shell and they really, really want to like it.

"Yeah I'll try one!"

"Um yeah, I'll have one too!"

"What? Oh yeah, I love oysters, I eat them all the time"

"Dear God, Please help me choke this down. Amen"

"Oh yeah, this is GOOD!"

Chewing and chewing and chewing.
"Wait a minute, I'm not feeling too good. Things are feeling kinda fuzzy"

"Why oh why did I do THAT?!"

"Drinks, lots and lots of things to drink! Keep 'em coming!"

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